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2010年2月22日 星期一



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[推荐}:感觉 (网络长篇小说)..

唱歌是件由生而來,最大自然不过 的反应动作.应像鸟儿在枝头上般的吱喳,像蟬儿的放浪翅..,而偏偏人们在唱歌时却在 适得其反.当被人邀上台要高歌一曲时,总是显得太不自然~把唱歌的事,持得像要征战沙场,常会把臉鼓得通红,有意无意的总把喉头的肌肉绷得死紧;要不就装 腔又作势的哭丧着嗓子,仿如昭君出寨般婆婆又妈妈,让"声音"承受不了... 这样子违反生理的拆騰,搞得周身的血液循环不良,神经线里的讯息开始在体內乱窜,正常的作息程序就慌了头绪,那就很容易的引來口乾,招来气息流通不暢,舌尖在生硬,打结..,喉开始腫痛,沙啞,破聲..,不好的反常现象,样样皆齐 涌上来..,有的甚至会感到暈眩,无法发声..,如是,原本是好事一宗,却因为自己的无知,摔垮了简单不过的歌唱事宜.

唱歌时,一定要輕松自然,要在沒有任何心理,和周边氛围的壓力下去唱.把 喉头和颈部的肌肉做到极尽寬松,以呵气或是脸挂微笑时的姿势,把喉咙扩张.让体內气息很自然无阻的打从小腹,涌过喉腔~振动声带,让振动出来的嗓音,连同 气息冲过口腔,达至鼻腔后部,混和着头腔处的共鸣声,以气息逐字逐音逐节的呼唱出去.


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唱歌时,一定要把喉咙扩 张,让气息涌过喉腔~振动声带...

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In fact, singing is a piece born from, you can freely anywhere blossoms will be like birds in the branches on the Zhicha be like Chaner free wings .. but had people singing Shique the opposite. When people invite power should be singing a song, it always seems too natural ~ the singing thing, who like to battle expeditions, often will my face get red drum, intentionally or unintentionally, the total stretch the muscles of the throat was tight dead; Otherwise the installation cavity has also complained to the powerful voice, just like a chai-like mother Zhaojun mother again, so that "voice" can not afford ...
This way, violations of physical demolition of Teng and do a whole body of bad blood circulation, nerves inside the message began to scurry about in the body, the normal daily routine procedure alarmed clue, it will be easy to lead to dry mouth, provoke breath flow poor, the blunt tip of the tongue, knotted .., throat started swelling, pain, hoarse, broken voice .., bad anomalies are everything Qi swarmed to .., and some may even feel dizzy, inability to sound .. and if so, was originally a good one, but because of their ignorance, threw collapse a simple matter, but singing.

Sing, we must be relaxed and natural, it is necessary in the absence of any psychological, and the atmosphere surrounding the pressure down to sing. The throat and neck muscles relaxed to do his best to, uh, gas, or face a smile when the hanging position, the throat and expansion. let the body breath naturally and unhindered out from the lower abdomen, Yong Guo larynx ~ vibrating vocal cords, so that vibration out of the throat sound, together with the breath crossed the mouth, nose up to the back of his head cavity at resonance mixing sound, in order to breath-by-word for word sounds the call to sing out, section by section.

I am not deliberately singing a different tune in to this, while singing earnest effort, that is the case without him, without a second Famennian.
(To be continued ..)

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